Welcome to The BonePit

Here you will find the MegaMod, a mod that adds a virtual load of cheats and helpers to The Ur-Quan Masters Classic and HD. The Ur-Quan Masters is a port of the classic PC/3DO game, Star Control II, which I guess is redundant because if you're here you already knew that. Although to learn more about The Ur-Quan Masters you can head over to The Ur-Quan Masters project page.


The MegaMod is all my mods rolled into one, Time Dilation, FMV/3DO, and UQM-HD's Cheat Mode. Also included are a few cheats to have some fun with which are detailed on the Features page.

Available Releases:

This new graphics package replaces the in-game menu to be more consistent with the original 3DO in-game menu. Including removing various pop-culture references littered throughout and complete ship labels for the Shipyard.

Available Downloads:

My thanks to darklord42 from the UQM Forums for help with the Cyborg icons, Fight! icon, and the ton of feedback that helped shape the menu into what it is.

Optional content for Classic and HD ranging from voice fixes to HD only packages

Available Downloads:

Classic & HD

HD Only

A small tutorial on how to install the content is provided in the F.A.Q.

Voices, 3DO music, and the UQM remixes can be downloaded at the main UQM website.

A few themes that I've remastered. Mainly for listening as they are not normalized for use in-game.

Available Downloads:

Just a couple of things that can not be categorized.

Available Downloads: